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Our Intructors

  • Internationally and Nationally Certified Karate Instructors

  • All classes are taught by a N.C.C.P. licensed Black Belt and member in good standing with Karate Ontario. The government sanctioned governing body for Karate in Ontario and directly affiliated with Karate Canada, Sport Canada and the World Karate Federation.

  • Our head instructor, Jonker Sensei, has been training in traditional Wado-Ryu since 1994 and currently holds the rank of Sandan (3rd degree black belt). 

  • Our Wado-Ryu lineage falls in line with Les Mansfield Kyoshi (Shichidan - 7th degree black belt) and Gary E. Swift Hanshi (Kyudan - 9th degree black belt) of the British Wadokai and International Wado Federation.

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