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Gradings and Promotions

Gradings are solely the responsibility of the senior instructor at the club. 


Gradings are not just based on the time spent in the club, but on the effort, attitude, skill, techniques and progress shown.

Gradings are held every 3 months for non-degree (Kyu) ranks.


Each subsequent belt level takes an increased amount of time, dedication, and effort to achieve. Students should expect that, as they advance, they will need to work harder and longer to attain their next belt level.

Promotions are based on many components including:

  • Overall skill level.

  • Techniques appropriate to the belt level such as Kihon, Uke, Sanbon, etc.

  • Kata (Form).

  • Sparring.

  • Attitude toward the martial arts, toward instructors, and toward fellow students, and by following the Dojo Kun or rules.

  • Recommendation from the brown belts, who assist the Sensei.


In addition, progress is dependent on many factors:

  • Regular attendance at class.

  • Attentiveness and good use of class time.

  • Amount of personal training time put in outside class.

  • Effort.

  • Natural ability and aptitude

  • Maturity.


The senior Sensei (black belt instructors) bring many years of experience to the task of evaluating students. 

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